46″ Pallet Forks Skid Steer 2600 lb Capacity

46″ Pallet Forks Skid Steer 2600 lb Capacity

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When you have a hefty load to carry pallet forks are your answer. Our pallet forks are designed with high-quality, heavy-duty material that can withstand large weight capacities. This skid steer quick tach pallet fork is no exception. It can carry loads of up to 2,600 lbs. No longer do you need to strain yourself or your equipment. This pallet fork attachment will do the job for you! Use it for your farm, landscape, and agriculture needs. This attachment is ideal for picking up logs, lumber, timber, and firewood. It’s also helpful for moving and installing fence posts. You can use the fork attachment to clear brush and debris to prepare for the perfect bonfire. Perhaps you have several mounds or bales of hay that need to be rearranged. With our pallet fork attachment, the job becomes a piece of cake. Farmers aren’t the only ones who benefit from pallet forks; hunters use them too, especially for transporting game. Use this tool to lift the deer and properly prepare it for cleaning. This pallet fork features blades that are set 20.75” apart. Each tine measures 46″ L x 2″ H x 4″ W and the fork weighs 95 lbs. The mast weighs about 134 lbs. and measures 45.75” W x 35.5” H. These pallet forks are compatible with most mowers, including models by John Deere, Kubota, Caterpillar, and New Holland. Just hook this attachment up to your bucket skid steer mount and you’re good to go. Overall, this attachment measures 53.25″ L x 35.5″ H x 44.75″ W and weighs about 229 lbs. Add these pallet forks to your tractor parts and supplies today!

TRANSPORT GOODS WITH EASE: Skip the heavy lifting and let your tractor do the work! This pallet fork attachment makes it easier to move and transport hefty items. While using the pallet fork, you can haul logs, lumber, timber, and firewood. You can also install fence posts. Use this pallet fork to clear debris and brush as well as move hay bales. The versatility of this fork is endless.

EASY INSTALLATION WITH QUICK TACH: This pallet fork features a universal skid steer style quick tach, so you can easily attach it to your tractor’s bucket. Simply slide your loader quick-hitch pins into the slots located on the lower back side of the attachment, and you’re all set.

DURABLE BLADES: For many jobs, your blades will need to be strong and durable. That’s why we designed this pallet fork with heavy-duty steel construction. The tines measure 46” L x 2” H x 4” W on this fork, allowing them to accommodate several different projects. Haul, move, and transport goods of all kinds. Order today.

COMPATIBLE WITH MOST MOWERS: This pallet fork features a universal design that is compatible with most lawn tractors, loaders, and mowers, like models from New Holland, Kubota, John Deere, and others. The buckle works with chains up to 0.5” to secure loads. This pallet fork is an essential piece of farm equipment to help you start moving supplies.

DIMENSIONS: Our sturdy fork tines are 46″ L x 2″ H x 4″ W and weigh approximately 95 lbs. Overall, the attachment weighs about 229 lbs. The fork blades are set 20.75” apart. These pallet forks can support an overall weight capacity of 2,600 lbs. When you order these pallet forks, you will need to provide your phone number so the trucking and shipping company can schedule delivery.

– Universal skid steer style hookup
– Capacity: 2,600 lb
– Chain buckle accepts up to 1/2” thick chain
– Plasma cut for durability

– 4”x2” forks
– Total Weight: 229 lb
– Mast Dimensions: 45 3/4″ x 35 1/2″
– Mast Weight: 134 lb
– Fork weight: 95 lb
– Fork Dimensions: 2”x4”x46”
– Material: Powder-coated steel

Compatible with: All skid steers with the universal quick-tach mounting system
Durable: Added support to fork’s crucial weight bearing areas, plasma cut heavy duty steel components, powder-coated finish, and 2,600 lb capacity .
Convenient: Buckle works with chains up to 0.5” to easily secure loads
Quality Design: System with 2”x4” fork tines has 2,600 lb capacity. Holes for adding 2″ trailer ball with 3/4″ thread.
Included: Includes 1 pair of skid forks and 1 mast; total weight is 229 lb; Check Specifications section for detailed dimensions


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